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Here's to a wedding video you will love to watch over and over again!

What does the package include? The videographer will be on site for up to 4 hours to capture the following: bride getting ready, highlights of the ceremony (the I Do's!), and highlights of the reception. The bride, groom, bridal party, parents and guests will have the opportunity to appear in the video to provide their sentimental impressions of this memorable day, if they wish! The final video will then be edited into a 1-3 minute video. See a more detailed description and a sample in the Product Description below.

Cost: $800

Need the videographer for more than 4 hours? Additional coverage available at $100/hr




Looking for a wedding videographer means there’s a special day coming up for you (or a loved one)…. congratulations! I used to create full wedding videos, but quickly realized that the most popular chapter on the good ol’ fashioned  Wedding DVD’s was the Wedding Memory Video chapter. So to meet our generation’s needs I decided to update my business to offer a wedding video we all will have time to watch!

What is a Wedding Memory Video?

A Wedding Memory Video is a summary video highlighting all the best moments of your wedding day. Rather than creating a full coverage video of your wedding I decided to cut to what everyone was waiting for: the highlight reel! The video can last anywhere between 1-3 minutes, the perfect duration to share with family and friends without guilt!  No need to fast-forward to get to the good parts any more!

Is a Wedding Memory Video for me?

This is a VERY important question that the couple will really need to think about because they are the only ones that can really answer this! This type of video is perfect for those couples who don’t really want a full video coverage. It is just long enough to spark your memory of your special day 20, 30, 50 years later. Investing in a Memory Video versus booking a full wedding film will give you extra room in your budget for other special touches for your special day!

Is a wedding video worth the investment?

In my opinion – YES!!! However, this is another question that is completely up to the couple!  put together a nice article with testimonials from couples giving their thoughts about wedding videos. Some find that photos capture enough emotion while others need to see it on video… find out what is most important to you and discuss it with you family and friends. Feel free to ask me any questions during your thought process as well!

What if I want a Memory Video… but also a few other items? I’ve got you covered…

Available Add Ons:
-Bride Getting Ready Montage – $100
-Full Ceremony Coverage – $200
-Full Speeches – $100
-Full Dance – $100

How does the payment work?

The cost of a Wedding Memory Video is $800. In order to reserve your wedding date a $200 non-refundable deposit must be paid. Note, your wedding date will not be reserved until the $200 has been paid. The reason why this deposit is non-refundable is because I am committing that date solely to you and not accepting other jobs taking place on that same date.

Is a payment plan available?

Yes! However, the $200 deposit must be paid at time of booking to reserve your date (see above). As long as you book at least 7 months before the wedding day you may break up the remaining $600 payment in $100 increments. The final payment must be received one month before your wedding date.

In what format will the Wedding Memory Video be delivered?

You will have the option to receive it as a YouTube link, video file, DVD or all of the above!

View samples below:





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