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If someone in your business is receiving an award or reaching a milestone and you want to create a celebration video, you’re in the right place! Creating a special recognition video allows them to realize that they are appreciated. Allow them to forever remember this achievement with this special video montage.

What does the package include? The videographer will be on site for up to 1 hour to record video interviews/special messages highlighting the individual’s accomplishment. The video will then be edited into a final 30-90 second montage over music. Photos may be provided to add to the montage when applicable.

Need ideas? See the product description below.


Are you celebrating a milestone? Do you want to recognize someone for an achievement? A special recognition video may be the perfect way to celebrate this special time!

What can a special recognition video be used for?

  • Graduation: family and friends can gather to give congratulation messages to the new graduate.
  • Job Promotion: colleagues can gather and give praise to the employee highlighting the accomplishments he/she has made that has gotten them this new position.
  • Retirement: celebrate the passion the employee has put into his/her career. Show appreciation for all they have given during their time in the business.
  • Business Celebration: celebrating a decade in business? Create a business recognition video with messages from clients and/or employees.
  • Other? Have something else that is worthy of a recognition or a congratulation message? We can customize this package to fit many needs. Contact us!

Need ideas? See some options below:

  • Have colleagues tell personal stories about the individual
  • Have clients talk about how the individual has touched their life
  • Use this video has a means to make a special announcement to the individual about a promotion, gift, or other special (or surprise?!) item
  • Provide photos to show the individual in action doing the things that lead to this accomplishment
  • Have a top 10 list of items or appreciation topics you want to highlight for the individual and have each person in the organization present one
  • Have a surprise guest appear in the video – someone who the individual used to work with or used to collaborate with that meant something to them (bring out the tissues for this one!!)
  • Provide inspiration quotes or tips for the individual’s next steps

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