How-To Video


  • Two options available: For the first option the videographer will be on site for 1 hour, for the second option up to 3 hours. The final video will range between 45-60 seconds for the first option or between 1-5 minutes for the second option.

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Are you needing to demonstrate how to do something? Maybe you want to create your own recipe video or teach your clients tricks and tips on how to make your products last longer? How-To videos are a great tool that will benefit both you and your clients or followers. Whether it’s for a weekly Facebook or YouTube program, our team is ready to work with you!

This is a one camera, one videographer package. This does not apply videos that may require two cameras and two videographers.

Tip: online videos are most effective when they are short! You will likely lose the viewer’s interest after the first 10-20 seconds, depending on content! Make sure your information is relevant and appealing to your audience.

Example: While the preparation work behind baking a cake may take 30 minutes, the viewer does not want to watch an how-to video for that long! Consider requesting a short cut version eliminating those repetitive “down times” (5 minute blender action, 10 minute mixing, etc…) and cut to the action!

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