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  • Two options available: For the first option the videographer will be on site for 1 hour, for the second option up to 2 hours. The final video will range between 45-60 seconds for the first option or between 1-3 minutes for the second option.

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A client testimonial video will give your prospective clients a sincere review that what you are doing is working. In a world filled with online reviews, prospective clients are doing a lot of research before making their decision on whether to call you or your competition. Sure your website may claim how amazing you think your business is, but hearing and watching someone actually talk about their experience with your business is a game changer. It puts your business on a different perspective. A client testimonial video will allow your past (or current) client success stories sell your products and services for you! Whether it’s for a weekly Facebook or YouTube program, our team is ready to work with you on creating your testimonial video!

So your Facebook, website, YouTube account, etc… are all filled with written reviews, but how many of these have a face to them? Addition a video testimonial from real clients provides the honest feedback your prospective clients are looking for. This differs from a business promo video, where they are not “directly” selling your business, but rather just focusing on their story and how your business helped them achieve their goals.

Tip: Make sure you pick a client that has had a lot of experience with your business so that their success story will be relevant and appealing to your prospective clients. Unless you have a client that you are just now getting ready to begin working with… Why not document their experience with your business from the start? Show the full circle of their success story!

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Want to create a testimonial video but don’t know where to start? Contact us, we’ll be happy to explain the process to you step-by-step.

Sample Client Testimonial Video


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