Multigenerational Family Photo Session

What’s better than a family photo session? A multigenerational photo session!

What makes these kind of sessions so special is the fact that we have an opportunity to document the love between different family members, such as a niece with her aunt, grandchildren with their grandparents, or my personal favorite the adult children (the parents) with their adult parents (grandparents).

See, when we think of family sessions we picture young children hugging their parents but it doesn’t end there. Grandparents don’t just love their grandchildren, they love their (now adult) children too! Just because everyone is a grownup now it doesn’t mean that, that kind of love is too old to photograph! Being able to show that love between parents and their adult children is almost even more important because that is the kind of photo that is going to be cherished on a different kind of level. As children we hug our parents and smile. As adults we hug our parents and appreciate them for all they have done. Both equally important and both deserving of a beautiful photo.

Check out a recent multigenerational photo session I had with this sweet bunch. It was an honor to document their love and all their hugs and smiles!

To book your multigenerational photo session contact me via email at or via phone at 707-706-3711.

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