Maternity Photos Are By Far One Of My Favorite Things To Capture!

I adore photography, all aspects of it, but there is just something about maternity photos that just makes me SO happy! Take a look at some of my favorites from a recent maternity photo session I did.

If you or someone you know is currently pregnant, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take those maternity photos for you (or them!) Feel free to reach out to me via email at or by phone or text at 707-706-3711.

Enjoy the maternity photos from this session below!


Maternity-4456 Maternity-4452

Maternity-4442 Maternity-4441

Maternity-4423 Maternity-4421 Maternity-4414


Maternity-4406 Maternity-4402 Maternity-4399 Maternity-4395 Maternity-4387 Maternity-4385  Maternity-4375

Maternity-4380 Maternity-4357


Maternity-4341  Maternity-4337 Maternity-4334 Maternity-4333 Maternity-4326


Maternity-4552 Maternity-4547 Maternity-4544 Maternity-4537 Maternity-4535 Maternity-4528 Maternity-4525 Maternity-4522 Maternity-4517 Maternity-4515


Maternity-4488 Maternity-4485 Maternity-4483

Anna Faiola Productions is a Palm Harbor based photographer.

When we think of pregnancy, we often think of the mom, but hey, dads play an important role too! Check out this adorable poem written by Jose Bernard found .

A New Father’s Questions

© Jose Bernard

Published: February 2006

You come to me with sadness in your eyes,
And tell me we have to talk,
Immediately I think the worst,
‘Is it me? Does she want to walk?’

You try to begin, but don’t know how,
And my nerves are standing on end.
You say that you’re pregnant, two times confirmed,
And we may have a new little friend.

I’m speechless and breathless,
I can’t form words to say,
This isn’t what I expected,
Driving 福彩双色球正版下载安装 today.

I know this is sudden,
And we haven’t prepared,
But we’ve been through so much already,
Look at all we’ve shared.

Now there’s another life,
Growing inside of you,
And I wonder what kind of Dad I’ll be,
Will our Child’s dreams come true?

Will I be the kind of father,
Who dotes upon his child?
Who fixes skinned knees,
With a smile, patient and mild?

Will I learn to chase the monsters,
From underneath their bed?
Will I be able to ease the nightmares,
From our child’s tiny head?

Will you shine as a mother?
Will contentment light your face?
Will it bring out even more beauty,
Which the passage of time could never erase?

Will you be the kind of mother,
Who worries each time our child is ill?
Each stuffy nose an emergency,
Or will you have more resolve than I will?

What will it look like?
Will it have your eyes?
Will it love us right away?
Will it look on us with surprise?

Will we learn to adjust to 2am cries?
Can we deal with late night feedings?
Will I cry in front of the Obstetrician,
The First time I hear our child’s heart beating?

Will it be a son or daughter?
Will it grow up to be like us?
Will we learn to deal with the crankiness,
When our baby starts to fuss?

These questions seem so pertinent,
More so now than they ever had,
I hope our child will love their mother,
As much as she’s loved by their Dad.

I’m scared and excited,
Hesitant and yet bold,
We’re going to be a family,
And our baby we’ll soon hold.

Will it be a boy or a girl?
I guess only time will tell

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